No Language is “Foreign” Anymore Thanks To This Cutting Edge Device

Being able to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more sought after in today’s world. Whether you are wanting to pick up a new language for work or because you have your eye set on that vacation of a lifetime you’ve been planning - the ability to engage in a conversation in the regions native language is a huge advantage to you and actually a sign of respect to those you are speaking to.

Not Multilingual?

You’re in luck! Two famous Japanese Inventors took language translation to the next level and created a product called, Pocket Translator. It has the capabilities to translate in real-time and into over 50 different languages.

This means that you don’t need learn another language to be able to communicate! Gone are the days of language barriers and skipping out on conversations you wish you could have had. Say hello to putting your best foot forward toward having a normal conversation in any language you chose – at any time.

See it in action!

What makes this little gadget so special?

  1. 2 Way Translator
    All languages that are supported are interchangeable. Record what you would like, and replies can be understood by a simple choice of language options.
  2. High Sensitivity
    Press middle button to record what you would like to say and release to hear the translated result.
  3. Sleek and Compact
    This product was created to be portable on the go as well as comfortable to hold for long periods of time.
  4. Ready to Use
    Supporting over 50 languages is no small task and The Pocket Translator battery life lasts for 3 full days of power usage before requiring a charge.

Why is making life so much easier?

The Pocket Translator was originally designed for the government to equip their foreign translators for political summits but recently this product has been made available to the public!

Should you also get one?

Something as simple as a language barrier should no longer be a concern. The straight forward answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! And now is the best time to do it because The Pocket Translator may run out of stock at any moment due to recent release to the public.

Do you want to travel to a new country and be able to get around for a week or two? Do you need to communicate with family members or new friends in their native languages? Or does a new job in a foreign country require you to master a language?

Well, The Pocket Translator is your answer!

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

This product missed nothing. From price to quality we say this product is a must have! It can fit into any pocket and the accuracy is unbeatable - not to mention the price point is very affordable.

How to get The Pocket Translator?

Now that this amazing new invention is on your radar, if it’s still in stock, here’s how to order:

  1. Order Pocket Translator from the official website for the best price available
  2. Turn on and start having normal conversations in different languages

It’s as simple as that!

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Customer Reviews

I bought this product for my friends and family! We recently moved to the USA and although my kids speak perfect English, my wife has trouble speaking and understanding conversations when people speak quickly. This product translates in real time and rarely makes a mistake! Very impressive product.

Derek N. – San Diego, CA

like this little helper. Its sleep and white like an apple cool. a real time translator not only helping on business or normal social sites...very good for sb like traveling so may reduce worries from language difficulty time to time. esp when english spanish both popular in USA it takes much convenient. easy use wz app. recommend it all travllers or using in commercial.

Ricky P. – Dallas, TX

I glad to have it! I already tested with Spanish, English , Ukrainian, and Russian languages. Works great! The accuracy was 99%. It much better than I expected. The size is very delicated and can be easily placed in the pocket. Hope this translator would be very helpful for my parent during traveling.

Darren C. – Chicago, IL

This product is super convenient to carry in my daily life. It is smaller and lighter than a regular smart phone, i can put it in a small handbag or just in my pocket. Whenever i need to use it, it is around my side. The battery lasts long. It is useable after 8 days when I turn it to stanby model. when i played around with it, the battery lasted for entire day. If i use it only when i need i think i could last 2-3 days with one full battery. It is evry easy to operate. Once i read throught the UserGuide i know how to use by my heart. touch screen and some important buttons. Do you know how many languages it can translate for you,75 remenber 75 languages. i am ready travel around the world with my "personal translator" The communication should not be a problem now. Extraordinary product !!!!!

Sonya G. – Miami, FL

Recent Comments
Tom Jackson- Austin,TexasM

I liked the quick response when converting from one language to another. There was hardly any pause at all.

Shea Costello- Denver,Colorado

The Pocket Translator was purchased to translate from the English language to the Russian language.
Amazing, fluid, fun.
As a separate tool, not having to use an app, it was easy to navigate and translate for all of the important occurrences of essential cross communication.
I love it.

Norman Longville- Scottsdale,Arizona

This product is the real deal! 10 out of 10!

Tiffany Armstrong- Vail,Colorado

For my Korean parents they love having it and learning new words and help them communicate better to their grand kids

Juan Calvin- Seattle,Washington

This product changed everything!! This lifesaver absolutely raised the bar in terms of speed and convenience by a mile.

Benito Arello- Detroit,Michigan

Travelling around the world has never been so easier and convenient! As a frequent traveler spending most of my time on plane and different continentals, I truly feel so essential to find an easy way to connect with locals. Pocket Translator made my travels easy!

Brooke Gartner- New York, New York

To my amazement, this translator can do almost real-time translation. Even though I said a whole paragraph of English, it took only 3 sec. to translate into Cantonese. This translator is completely beyond my expectations.